GROWE – Get Readers on the Wavelength of Emotions

This project aims to develop teacher trainers’ and subsequently teachers’ competences to address students’ literacy and emotional learning needs by developing a model of integrated intervention relying on the use of high-quality authentic texts (different from school textbooks) selected from contemporary children’s and adolescents’ literature.

Disciplinary Literacy

…refers to the specifics of reading, writing, and communicating within a discipline, focusing on the ways of thinking, the skills, and the tools used by experts in the disciplines.

Disciplinary literacy emphasises mastery of the key knowledge, abilities and language inherent to specific academic disciplines.

Social-emotional skills

…refer to the abilities to regulate one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviour, learning to recognise and manage their emotions, establishing positive relationships and making responsible decisions.

There is a clear, established link between a socially and emotionally literate school ethos and pupils’ achievement, results and attendance.

GROWE aims to combine these two elements, producing a training programme for teachers of all disciplines that prepares them to address students’ needs in the field of literacy learning and social-emotional skills in an integrated manner. GROWE aims to build an effective intervention, increasing teachers’ professional development opportunities for supporting their vulnerable students’ academic success.



Support teachers

To increase the partner organisations’ capacity to support teachers in developing their students’ literacy and social-emotional skills;


Develop a teacher training course

To develop and test an in-service teacher training course in blended learning format to prepare teachers for addressing students’ literacy and social-emotional learning needs;


Develop a toolkit with good practices

To develop a toolkit (OER) with good practices to inspire teachers to adopt effective strategies for developing their students’ literacy and social-emotional skills.

Target Groups

Teacher Educators

12 teacher educators will be trained on how to deliver the teacher training programme focusing on disciplinary literacy and social emotional skills.

Teachers of all disciplines

100 teachers in pre- and in-service training from 4 countries will be highly skilled in developing literacy and social-emotional skills in the classroom while teaching various age groups and disciplines.


2500 students will improve their literacy and social-emotional skills as a result of participating in classroom activities that pursue these goals explicitly, in addition to discipline-related learning objectives.


4 schools will adopt school-wide practices to improve literacy and social-emotional skills in an integrated manner to support their students’ academic success and personal growth.