Monologue on bullying

What has been done?

Students watch a monologue on bullying as an authentic text, and then read its script, on the Anti-bullying day. They had a confrontation on the video (the questioning the author strategy was used) and then they made one of their own, where each one recites a part of the monologue.

After the video, they also made drawings in which they represent the situation of someone who is bullied (for example, the drawing below from a student shows a boy wearing a mask pretending to smile. Inside, however, he feels something else).

What kind of dl or sel skills did you cover?

  • Recognizing ideas and emotions and putting them into practice
  • Enhancing bodily expression
  • Collaborative dialogue on the topic
  • Self-awareness
  • Comprehension of text

Title of video: Monologue on bullying

Which authentic text did you choose?

Title: My name is Giancarlo Catino

Description: A monologue about how a boy lives and what he feels when he is picked on by his schoolmates, from primary to high school.

Author: Massimiliano Bruno

Which authentic text did you choose?

When students become part of it, learning becomes conscious. Social-emotional skills will help your students with learning about life topics such as bullying or resilience, and thus also with learning your subject. Disciplinary literacy will help them to recognize their emotions and talk about them. Authentic texts come to their aid when they don’t know how to talk about their emotions. They help recognise those emotions that would otherwise implode within them.

What do students say?

Students felt more motivated and they understand, through social-emotional and disciplinary literacy skills, that this subject is needed for building their future, their personality, their knowledge and their being. 

Annex: drawing created by the students