Bookmarks for Remembrance Day



Istituto Cassarà Guida

Grade and age

2° grade of first level of secondary education – 12 years old


Civic education

What has been done?

On Remembrance Day, bookmarks and drawings were created after engaging with books about the Holocaust (such as “Anne Frank’s Diary” and “Sculpt it in your heart” by Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor). Extracts from the books were read in groups and then individually. Key comprehension skills were developed through ongoing teacher questioning.

What kind of DL or SEL skills can you cover?

  • Analysis and understanding of the text;
  • Critical understanding
  • Personal reflection
  • Choice-making;
  • Active citizenship skills

Which authentic text can you choose?

Title: “Anne Frank’s Diary”

Description: This book is the diary kept by Anne Frank while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Author: Anne Frank

Publishing house: Contact Publishing




Title: “Sculpt it in your heart”

Description: Liliana Segre narrates her experience as a Jewish child and later as a Jewish teenager, from the beginning of the racial persecution in Italy, to the dispersion and destruction of her family, to the terrible years of internment in Auschwitz, until the liberation following the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Author: Liliana Segre

Publishing house: Piemme 

Which results can you expect?

Newly acquired skills will remain and this will contribute to students’ personal growth. Students will start searching for detail in texts independently. They will develop their skills of recall, reading resilience and autonomy in terms of their learning.

What do students say?

Students saw the value of learning and began to realize that what they do in class will have an impact on their wider lives.

Annex: drawings and bookmarks created by the students


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