Bookmarks for Remembrance Day



Istituto Cassarà Guida


2° grade of first level of secondary education


Civic education

What has been done?

On Remembrance Day bookmarks and drawings were made after books about the Holocaust (such as “Anne Frank’s Diary” and “Sculpt it in your heart” by Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor). Parts of the books were read in groups and individually. Metacognitive questions were asked, such as: what did you notice between the first reading and an individual reading? How did the group work go? Did you notice anything? What did you learn again during the lesson? Why did you choose this objective? What does it represent for you? 

What kind of DL or SEL skills can you cover?

  • Analysis and understanding of the text;
  • Critical sense;
  • Ability to recognise issues of general relevance and bring them to personal evaluation;
  • Choice-making;
  • Active citizenship skills

Which authentic text can you choose?

Title: “Anne Frank’s Diary”

Description: This book is the diary kept by Anne Frank while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Author: Anne Frank

Publishing house: Contact Publishing




Title: “Sculpt it in your heart”

Description: Liliana Segre tells the children about her experience as a Jewish child and later as a Jewish girl, from the beginning of the racial persecution in Italy, to the dispersion and destruction of her family, to the terrible years of internment in Auchwitz, until the liberation following the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Author: Liliana Segre

Publishing house: Piemme 

Which results can you expect?

New acquired skills will remain and this will contribute to their personal growth. Students will start searching for knowledge on their own, they will have more memory, more motivation, more interest in doing, in putting themselves on the line and looking for their own path.

What do students say?

Students saw the value of learning and they started realizing that what they do in class will have future effects in their personal lives as active citizens. Learning will become meaningful and real.


Drawings and bookmarks made by the students.