Lithuanian language



VIMS - Vilnius International Meridian School

Grade and age

7th grade - 12-13 years old


Lithuanian language

What has been done?

Within this cross-curricular lesson other subjects were touched on (physics, fine arts, history). Students read various texts related to the book to find answers to the questions from different areas. For example, why Robinson wears a fur coat even though it is hot on the island (physics), how capitalism is reflected in the novel, which mathematical devices are used by the main character (maths), how the tides are calculated (geography), what was the state of printing at that time compared with today (fine art), etc.

What kind of dl or sel skills did you cover?


  • Speaking, reading and writing in their mother tongue and English.


  • Communication
  • Cognitive and social competences

Which results can you expect?

Students read extracts written in Old English. They therefore improved their knowledge of the English language and learnt various phrases and terms from across the different fields.

What do students say?

‘There should be more lessons like this!’

What do teachers say?

‘Integrated learning delivers better results.’


Wikipedia, lesson plans, student-generated paragraphs, answered questions.

This open-lesson material (in Lithuanian) is included here:

(lessons ID 2602).