The Project

GROWE is a three-year project, funded by the Erasmus + programme, KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for school education.



  • September 2019 – Start of the project
  • October 2019 – Kick-Off Meeting in Cheltenam, UK
  • November 2019 – August 2020 – Development of the GROWE training course
  • March 2020 – Second Partnership Meeting in Palermo, Italy
  • June/July 2020 – GROWE Train the Trainers Summer School in UK (3 participants per country) in Cheltenam, UK
  • August – November 2020 – Development of the Methodology for Data Collection to Document Piloting
  • November 2020 – July 2021 – Testing of the training programme with 25 teachers in each partner country
  • July – October 2021 – Data collection and impact evaluation of the training
  • February 2021 – Third Partnership Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • September – October 2021 – Development of the final version of the GROWE Training Course after the testing based on the data and feedback collected
  • August 2021 – Fourth Partnership Meeting in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • November 2021 – July 2022 – Development of GROWE Toolkit
  • April 2022 – Fifth project’s meeting in Cheltenham, UK
  • July 2021 – National dissemination workshops in all partner countries


IO1 - Curriculum of the training course

This training course addresses primary and secondary teachers in pre-service or in-service. The course aims to develop the teachers’ professional skills to address students’ literacy and social-emotional learning needs.

IO2 - Methodology for data collection to document the piloting of the curriculum

This intellectual output will allow us to study the effects of the training course on the trainee and existing teachers and their students, based on which we will be able to revise and finalise IO1.

IO3 - Toolkit

This Open Educational Resource (OER) will include good practice to inspire teachers to adopt effective strategies for developing their students’ literacy and social-emotional skills.