Get readers on the wavelength of emotions’: A preliminary thematic survey

This article, published on the British “Education Journal Review” will introduce and discuss the aims of the GROWE project: to develop both teacher trainers’ and teachers’ competences to address students’ literacy and socio-emotional learning needs. Teachers of diverse disciplines, not just language and literature teachers, will develop their skills to implement disciplinary literacy, whilst also simultaneously developing their skills to facilitate social and emotional learning. In addition to introducing the project, this article also aims to critique a wide range of contemporary sources reflecting the key ideas and objectives central to ‘GROWE’. It will argue the case for the importance of the development of disciplinary literacy taught in the context of social and emotional literacy skills development, as they relate to a secondary school context. In addition to this, it reveals potential ‘gaps’ in the current research that our curriculum and associated ‘toolkit’ (devised in the form of an open educational resource) will seek to fill.

Education Journal Review