Love in Literature



Istituto Cassarà Guida

Grade and age

2° grade of first level of secondary education – 12 years old




What has been done?

Students discussed love and then compared their own ideas of it to the representation of love within the two selected authentic texts. They selected the most important parts of the two books and wrote a playscript to re-imagine them.

What kind of DL or SEL skills did you cover?

  • Initiative
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Collaborative conversation on the topic

Which authentic text did you choose?

Title: Divine comedy
Description: the poem represents the soul’s journey towards God, beginning with the recognition and rejection of sin (Inferno), followed by the penitent Christian life (Purgatorio), and finally, the soul’s ascent to Heaven (Paradiso).
Author: Dante Alighieri

Title: Orlando Furioso
Description: Orlando is the Christian knight known in French (and subsequently English) as Roland. The story takes place against the background of the war between Charlemagne’s Christian paladins and the Saracen army that has invaded Europe and is attempting to overthrow the Christian empire. The poem is about war and love and the romantic ideal of chivalry. It blends realism and fantasy, humour and tragedy
Author: Ludovico Ariosto

Which results can you expect?

The capacity for collaborative decision-making and respect for others’ opinions was fostered among the students. Additionally, by taking on the role of a character, they muster the bravery to disclose feelings that they would ordinarily conceal.

What do students say?

They enjoyed performing, learned about a little-discussed subject, love, and felt invested in the plot.

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