VIMS – Vilnius International Meridian School

Grade and age

12th grade / 4th gymnasium grade - 17-18 years old



What has been done?

At the beginning, students were asked what they knew about this disorder. What myths have they heard about it (e.g. can a person with this disorder learn and work? Is it shameful to be diagnosed with this disorder? Is it treatable? What are the stigmas in society?). A video was shown in which a girl with schizophrenia talks about her journey to recognising, accepting, treating and learning to live with the illness and her ambitious career goals. The teacher gave a brief presentation and summary of the theoretical material – according to ICD-10 – what is schizophrenia, symptoms, prevalence, causes, treatments. A discussion followed.

What kind of dl or sel skills did you cover?


  • Understanding scientific, psychological and psychiatric terms (e.g. what is schizophrenia, what are the symptoms, prevalence, causes, treatment)
  • Appropriate and respectful use of psychiatric terms (mental illness, schizophrenia, hallucinations, psychosis, etc.)


  • Tolerance, empathy, understanding and compassion for people with mental health problems
  • To strive and achieve, to challenge themselves despite obstacles
  • Active listening skills
  • The ability to express their ideas and their emotions

Which authentic text did you choose?

Title: I am not a monster
Description: Cecilia McGough puts a face to schizophrenia and helps empower college students through the non-profit group Students With Schizophrenia.
Students With Schizophrenia (

Author: Cecilia McGough

Which results can you expect?

Active and respectful participation in debate activities.

What do students say?

‘Everyone is unique, and you can’t ‘write-off’ or label people just because of their illness.’
‘We have to be respectful to everyone, because you never know what inner monsters that person is fighting.’

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